Steve and I worked together on a challenging digital transformation project at Volkswagen Group. We worked well together due to our mutual dedication to accepting a challenge! Stakeholder management is key to a project and I was immediately impressed with Steve's approach. He is genuinely friendly, positive and inclusive; bringing people along on the journey of change, which is not only more productive from a project perspective, but also more comfortable for those affected. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve and look forward to working with him again in the future. 

Kerry Thompson

Director at Akeno Ltd and Associate Consultant at The Big Team

I worked with Steve as part of my team for a around 2 years and I’ve remained professionally close to Steve ever since. His ability to understand complex programmes of activity; through digital strategy, operational and business transformation is outstanding. Steve has a broad set of skills, from understanding/developing contractual and legal terms, to ensuring that the delivery of schedules within a contract are fair and beneficial for all parties, always putting the customer and colleagues first in ensuring the value of the contact is delivered commercially in the right way. Steve has the ability to explain initiatives that are genuinely complex in a simple way that all levels can understand and engage with, from an exec board decision to people delivering the service at the front end. His communications skills are really strong in all aspects and he engages people really well. I am sure Steve and I will look to work together again in the future and I truly believe Steve is an asset to any business that is lucky enough to secure his support. 

David Pryor

Transformation Director at Lowell

Steve was National Communications Manager for several years when we were in SEAT together. Steve was a master at leading the national communications and digital teams - this was a large, busy and challenging role where Steve had to lead creative and tactical campaigns across all media channels as well as having responsibility for the development and performance of our own digital channels. To do this well he was sharp and professional when dealing with our factory whilst also being a strong and passionate leader of our agencies. In fact he was often presenting the UK plans to the rest of the markets at our EU meetings as he was always very advanced and developed in his thinking and implementation. Steve personally on boarded both creative and media agencies simultaneously in this role - this was the first media agency change in the group in decades - and his hard work and infectious enthusiasm resulted in a fantastic relationship with the agencies. I would describe that as true leadership. I have also worked with Steve in a sprint project on future retailing and in particular e-commerce. He has a wealth of experience in this area which he was able to expertly apply to an automotive environment. Steve has a very hard working ethic, values relationships and can always see the bigger picture. He is great at leading teams, influencing stakeholders and has a real care for his and his teams work. I am writing this in support of Steve as he embarks on the next stage of his career as I think that it is important to always remember and reflect on the great work that he did whilst working in a variety of roles across Volkswagen Group. I would recommend Steve every day of the week - a great valued team mate!

Chris Stevens

Head of Network Development at Volkswagen UK

Steve is an excellent, commercially minded Marketer. Steve forms excellent relationships with colleagues, internally and externally and is a real team player.  I always knew I could rely on Steve to make sound decisions based on quality analysis. I was also really impressed by how quickly Steve adapted to new ideas and challenges and his willingness to seek those out.

Steve Abbis

Republic of Ireland and Category Manager at Sainsbury's